094 – Turritella to Valentine’s Day



Eumetula arctica


Otto Andreas Lowson Mörch


Aegopis verticillus1.jpg

Love dart

Fruticicola fruticum dart.svg


Eros bow Musei Capitolini MC410.jpg

Valentine’s Day

Antique Valentine 1909 01.jpg

Opening Theme:

Knockin’ a Jug by Louis Armstrong

Episode Music:

Basin Street Blues; Dropping Shucks; I Ain’t Got Nobody; No (Papa No); I’m Not Rough; Don’t Forget to Mess Around; Chicago Breakdown; Wild Man Blues; Skip the Gutter; Savoy Blues; Jazz Lips; Black and Blue; Muggles; Weary Blues; Heebie Jeebies; Save It Pretty Mama; Alligator Crawl; and I Can’t Give You Anything But Love by Louis Armstrong

Outro Song:

Does The Girl You Left Behind Ever Wish You Back Again by Manuel Romain

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