107 – Alyna (TV series) to Montevideo

Alyna (TV series)


Tagalog language

Ba Be Bo B (in Baybayin)

Category:Subject–verb–object languages



Opening Theme:

Knockin’ a Jug by Louis Armstrong

Episode Music:

S.O.L. Blues; Heah Me Talkin’ To Ya; Save It, Pretty Mama; Ain’t Misbehavin’; Keyhole Blues; Muskrat Ramble; Oriental Strut; Sweet Savannah Sue; When You’re Smiling; Chicago Breakdown; Weather Bird; That’s When I’ll Come Back to You; Savoy Blues; Big Butter and Egg Man; Black and Blue; Song of the Islands; Sweet Little Papa; Potato Head Blues; Muggles; and Melancholy Blues by Louis Armstrong

Outro Song:

Lazy Bill by Billy Murray

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