002 – Chen Shui-bian corruption charges to Status Quo (band)

Chen Shui-bian corruption charges

Money laundering




Arthur Conan Doyle

Venerable Order of Saint John

Bailiffs/Dames Grand Cross
Knights/Dames of Justice
Knights/Dames of Grace

Train (clothing)

Cappa magna

Status quo (Holy Land sites)

Status quo

Status Quo (band)

 Music Credits:

Opening Theme:

Knockin’ a Jug by Louis Armstrong

Episode Music:

Alligator Crawl, Basin Street Blues, Bessie Couldn’t Help It, Big Butter and Egg Man, Big Fat Ma and Skinny Pa, Black and Blue, Blue Turning Grey Over You, Come Back Sweet Papa, Cornet Chop Suey, Dallas Blues, Don’t Jive Me, Dropping Shucks, Exactly Like You, and Fireworks  by Louis Armstrong

Outro Song:

Struttin’ With Some Barbecue by Louis Armstrong

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