022 – Gracie to The Killing Jar (disambiguation)


Gracie family

Hélio Gracie

Ōuchi gari

Throw (grappling)


War scythe

Bohemian earspoon

Boar spear

Bear spear

Bay leaf

Killing jar

The Killing Jar (disambiguation)

Opening Theme:

Knockin’ a Jug by Louis Armstrong

Episode Music:

When You’re Smiling; Don’t Jive Me; I Ain’t Got Nobody; Cornet Chop Suey; Weary Blues; I’m Not Rough; West End Blues; Wild Man Blues; Sunset Café Stomp; Got No Blues; Heah Me Talkin to Ya; Muggles; Melancholy Blues; Chicago Breakdown; Weather Bird; and Potato Head Blues by Louis Armstrong

Outro Song:

Things Ain’t What They Used To Be by Woody Herman

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