023 – Basiothia schenki to Erasistratus

Basiothia schenki


William Henry Harvey

Makers of British botany, Plate 17 (William Henry Harvey).png

List of botanists by author abbreviation

Lorenz Heister




Opening Theme:

Knockin’ a Jug by Louis Armstrong

Episode Music:

Save It Pretty Mama; Tight Like This; Muggles; Sunset Cafe Stomp; Black and Blue; St. Louis Blues; Heah Me Talkin To Ya; After You’ve Gone; Potato Head Blues; Weather Bird; Some of These Days; Keyhole Blues; Cornet Chop Suey; Big Fat Ma and Skinny Pa; Irish Black Bottom; and Got No Blues by Louis Armstrong

Outro Song:

Mosquito Moan by Blind Lemon Jefferson

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